This article has attempted to answer some key questions with regard to the Masters and has tended to focus especially on those who were directly connected with the unfoldment of the theosophical movement in the late nineteenth century. It has been written to invite greater interest but also to instill a more balanced and realistic view of these advanced souls which acknowledges their humanity and humour. However, let it be clarified that since the days of H.P. Blavatsky, many exponents of the Ageless Wisdom for example Annie Besant, Alice A. Bailey, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, and Geoffrey Hodson, have received inspiration and direct contact not only with the Masters Koot Hoomi and Morya but also with others. A further article would be needed to address fully these later valid experiences.

If you wish to have more in-depth answers to the questions posed in this article, please refer to the book Insights from the Masters – A Compilation or go to my page titled The Book on this site. 

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The Spiritual Benefits of Studying the Masters

Finally, let us consider the question: What are the spiritual benefits of contemplating and studying the lives of the Masters? Surely the answer lies in the fact that members of this august body represent what we will become in the far future if our spiritual evolution proceeds along its intended course. Indeed, they provide us with a much-needed vision and model of our future.

These are highly critical times astrologically speaking, as we make the transition from the Piscean Age, which influenced the activities and development on this planet in the past two thousand years, into the Aquarian Age with its potential for greater brotherhood and altruism. The crisis and conflict between the progressive forces of Light and the retrogressive forces of Darkness are intensifying and it is obvious the outcome is still in the balance.

However, those who are truly aspiring to the higher life and advancing in their spiritual evolvement are experiencing a quickening in their growth as perhaps never experienced before in the history of the world. It is an encouraging sign more and more people are being drawn to the spiritual path and embracing the universal values and ideals espoused by the Masters, though the raging conflicts present on our globe today may indicate otherwise. The urge is on to transform and purify  ourselves in order to become fitter instruments of our spiritual Souls.

By meditating on and studying the Masters and their teachings, we are opening ourselves up to and tapping into their positive, inspirational vibrations. Thus we are hastening the possibility of becoming useful mediators for helping to anchor their ideals and plans for the future evolvement of consciousness on this planet. The Masters need less advanced souls such as ourselves to act as transmitters in their great work of precipitating these ideas effectively into the public consciousness.

Rather than the celebrities we all like to honor, these Masters constitute for spiritual aspirants and seekers, the true spiritual heroes. Thoughts are energy as we all well know, and what we concentrate on ultimately we become. Thus by focusing and reflecting on these advanced wise beings, we are helping not only ourselves to become that reality, but we are also assisting in the elevation of human consciousness, world-wide.

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The True Identity of a Master

What we really need to ask, though, is: What is the true identity of the Master? Surely we are not to mistake the real Master for the outer persona, physical or otherwise. In the early days of the theosophical movement, an interesting article appeared in the magazine being produced at the theosophical headquarters in India, (Editor, H.P. Blavatsky, The Theosophist Vol. 5, No. 3, Adyar, Madras, 1883, 81) entitled Mahatmas and Chelas. Although unsigned, it is purported to be the work of the Master K.H. It seeks to set right the misconception the Master is his appearance or persona, and clarifies the real Mahatma operates from the perspective of the higher mind and that when not operating from this elevated consciousness, he can indeed make mistakes, as intimated in some of the Mahatma Letters.

Writes the anonymous author: “When, therefore, people express a desire to ‘see a MAHATMA,’ they really do not see, or understand what it is they ask for. How can they, by their physical eyes, hope to see, or understand what it is they ask for. How can they, by their physical eyes, hope to see that which transcends that sight? Is it the body – a mere shell or mask – they crave or hunt after? And supposing they see the body of a MAHATMA, how can they know that behind that mask is concealed an exalted entity? …. Higher things can be perceived only by a sense pertaining to these higher things. And whoever therefore wants to see a real MAHATMA, must use his intellectual sight. He must so elevate his Manas that its perception will be clear and all mists created by Maya must be dispelled.” The real Mahatma or Master thus is not his physical body, but higher Manas or Mind which is linked to both the Atma (Spirit) and Buddhi (Intuition and Divine Love-Wisdom). Neither is he the etheric, the emotions or everyday mind.  To him these are like a piece of wearing apparel that can be put on and off at will.

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